5 super swine to celebrate the Year of the Pig

year of the pig

With today marking the Chinese New Year, we’re saying goodbye to the Year of the Dog and welcoming in the Year of the Pig. That’s right, today is all about celebrating our favourite farmyard animals, the humble pig. Yes, Babe is one of our favourite films, why do ask?

Anyway, to do this, we’ve rounded up several of our favourite sows that you should spend the day with. Whether they’re good, evil, or just blocky delights roaming your world in Minecraft, there’s plenty of porkers in video games that deserve your attention.

1. Pey’j – Beyond Good and Evil

This anthropomorphic hog is protagonist Jade’s father figure in Beyond Good and Evil, helping to take care of orphaned children while also looking after the tenacious photojournalist. Not only does he have a heart of gold, he’s also a innovator, crafting Jet Boots for himself that launches enemies into the air. Truly, a pig of many talents.

2. Hugh – Animal Crossing

At the opposite end of the spectrum to go-getter Pey’j is the rather more lazy Hugh. This bright blue sow is a real chill guy, to the extent that you’ll very rarely see him outside of his house. Despite his languorous lifestyle, he’s still appeared in every Animal Crossing game, which is some achievement for a swine whose two mains loves are food and sleeping.

3. Pig – Minecraft

Well, we couldn’t have a list that didn’t include this adorable piggy. The Pig has been a huge part of the open-world building sensation, thanks to its distinctive look. It was even used as a design for an Xbox One controller. They’re also super handy for getting around, as you can ride them across your world, if you have the right tools.

4. Pigma Dengar – Star Fox

Pigma might be an odious villain who routinely betrays whoever he works for, be it the heroes of Star Fox or the evildoers of Star Wolf, but we can’t help but respect his chutzpah. He basically wants to make as much money as possible by mugging off as many people as he can. We can only have a begrudging respect for an unprincipled porker who only cares about increasing his share of the swill.

5. Colin – The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a brilliant adaptation of the comic series Fables, where legends from fairytales live in a noir-ish place called Fabletown. Colin, one of the Three Little Pigs, is a playfully antagonistic roommate to Bigby the werewolf, who once blew his house down. While Colin crashes in Bigby’s apartment, he makes it clear that Bigby owes him a lot, (blown down houses aren’t cheap, after all) leading to some hilarious spats between the two.

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