Xbox Series X Smart Delivery: Every Game Confirmed So Far

Halo infinite Smart Delivery
Halo Infinite

In a mere few months, Microsoft will be taking gaming to the next level with their ultra-powerful next-gen system, the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X represents a massive leap forward in console gaming, supporting 4K resolutions, high frame-rates, and many more amazing technical features. Go here to learn everything we know about the Xbox Series X.

To make the transition between consoles as smooth as possible, many upcoming Xbox games will support a new feature – Smart Delivery. To put it simply, Smart Delivery means that you won’t have to worry about buying a game twice to get the best experience – buy the game for Xbox One and whenever you get an Xbox Series X, you can play the game on your new system at no additional cost. Neat, right?

With Smart Delivery, you can play the latest games now and enjoy their enhanced next-gen versions with all the benefits that the Xbox Series X brings. Here are all the games currently confirmed to support Smart Delivery.

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