What are the first video games the GAME community played?

You never forget your first game. Whether it was hopping on Goombas in Mario, speeding through Green Hill Zone in Sonic, or saving Earth in Space Invaders, the first time you take control in any game is special.

That’s why we wanted to find out which games our community played first! Take a look at which classics they cut their teeth on, and then head over to Twitter to let us know yours.

Pokémon Red

We spent a lot of nights chasing down Pokémon in the original Kanto region, so we’re glad it’s Dan’s first game!


This NES classic was pretty tricky, so we imagine every game Kyle played after would have felt like a doddle.

Prince of Persia

Kat’s pick is video game royalty. Let’s hope she had a little more luck than the person playing in this gif though…

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic first raced his way into our hearts in 1991, and his debut is just as great to play today as it was back then.

Ace Combat

From taking down bogeys to shaking off missiles, this top gun is a thrilling introduction to gaming.


Tim’s pick is a multiplayer masterpiece. Getting your friends to walk into your bomb was always a great laugh.


Spare a thought for Ed though…