5 essential Wasteland Wizard cheats you need to get in RAGE 2

wasteland wizard rage 2

RAGE 2 is finally here, and we’ve spent every hour since its release scouring its huge world for secrets and easter eggs. One of our favourites though has to be the Wasteland Wizard, aka Mangoo the Unborn, a cheat-dispensing merchant who can help spice up your game with a variety of helpful (and bonkers) power-ups.

Naturally some are better than others, so we’ve crunched the numbers and plumped for 5 of our favourite Wasteland Wizard cheats in the game so far. With Bethesda promising that cheats will be ‘dropped into the game on a rotating basis’, we can’t wait to revisit this list when new ones are introduced.

1. Diamond Geezer

Yes, the Danny Dyer one. There’s something satisfying about having a cockney commentary over your rampant carnage in RAGE 2, and the fact it’s Britain’s most recognisable Eastender (sorry Dot Cotton) only adds to the surreal hilarity. Or, in this diamond geezer’s words, it’s “proper nawty”.

2. Phoenix Rejector Seat

Remember the scene in the James Bond movie Goldfinger where 007 fires someone out the roof of his Aston Martin? Imagine that instead of a person being fired out of the car, the person stayed put and the entire vehicle shot off into the sky. That’s this cheat. It’s brilliant.

3. Son of Thor

This cheat turns you into a god of thunder, letting you hurl lightning at your enemies in the wasteland. Not only is it very fun to pretend you’re a Norse deity who’s come down to the wasteland to wreak havoc on your foes, it also lets us save on those precious, precious bullets.

4. He’s On Fire

Danny Dyer isn’t the only commentator in RAGE 2. He’s joined by Tim Kitzrow, the voice artist who gave NBA Jam its signature sound. Whether it’s blasting mutants away while he bellows “BOOMSHAKALAKA!” or torching the Goon Squad while Kitzrow yells “HE’S ON FIRE”, his high energy delivery makes the running and gunning even more frantically enjoyable.

5. Git Gud

We’re not ones to judge gaming ability, as we want everyone to enjoy games at their own pace. So, we love that there’s a cheat that lets you defeat enemies with one hit. Now we can wander the beautifully desolate world of RAGE 2 and not have to worry about anyone trying to spoil our good vibes.

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