Virtual reality is coming to Switch thanks to Nintendo Labo

nintendo labo VR kit

Virtual reality is coming to the Switch in April with the brand new VR Nintendo Labo kit.

The VR Nintendo Labo Starter Set contains two kits for you to put together: a buildable cardboard headset with goggles and a slot for your Switch, and a cardboard blaster which uses your Joy-Cons to take aim and fire at whatever takes your fancy.

There are also two great Expansion Sets to choose from. You’ll need the goggles from the Starter Set to make them work, or if you can’t pick a favourite Expansion Set, you can always buy the Starter Set, Set 1 and Set 2 kits all together in one big bundle.

Set 1 contains a neat cardboard camera kit, alongside a fabulous elephant mask kit which comes complete with a movable trunk, while Set 2 boasts an adorable bird kit and a wind pedal too.

Nintendo Labo is the creative cardboard creation kit that we’ve been tinkering with since it launched last April. Each Labo kit contains amazing cardboard inventions (like a car steering wheel, piano keyboard, or robot outfit) for you to put together and decorate however you like. Pair them up with their Labo games on your Nintendo Switch and the interactive magic happens. You can even come up with your own games and controls in the Toy-Con Garage mode.

Look out for the new VR Labo sets from April 12!

Can’t wait to explore the creative possibilities of Nintendo Labo? Pick your favourite kit and get started!