Gaming’s Greatest Horses

best video game horses ghost of tsushima nobu

We have a soft spot for games that give us animal companions, especially when they’re super helpful creatures like horses that both help us carry our many tonnes of accumulated loot and help us escape from a tight spot in a hurry.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to saddle up and hoof it on over to GAME to get your mitts on The Last of Us Part II, which features one of our very favourite video game horses on the list.

Beware of minor story spoilers ahead!

1. Shimmer

best video game horses the last of us part 2 ii shimmer

Features in: The Last of Us Part II
Shimmer is a glorious horse. Not only is she beautiful and brave and obediently follows you around so you don’t have to trek for miles looking for her, she also carries both Ellie and Dina all around Seattle without complaining once. A special mention also has to go to Japan, Dina’s horse, but Shimmer’s the one that comes on Ellie’s big adventure and so she’s the one that’s forever in our hearts.

2. Nobu

best video game horses ghost of tsushima

Features in: Ghost of Tsushima
All right, technically we’re cheating a bit here, because we’re yet to actually play Ghost of Tsushima, but we can already tell from the trailers that Nobu is a beautiful horse. Apparently, you can choose which horse you take with you on your adventure, but what we don’t know is if they’re all called Nobu, or if main character Jin just calls whichever horse he ends up with Nobu, like Geralt of Rivia’s horse is always called Roach. And speaking of…

3. Roach

best video game horses the witcher 3 iii roach

Features in: The Witcher series
Roach (who is named after the fish and not the bug, incidentally) is the real MVP in The Witcher games. Think how many thousands of miles every new Roach has had to trek as Geralt answers to the beck and call of almost every single resident of the Continent. That side quest where you get to speak to the current Roach in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and ask why she sometimes has trouble with small fences might just be our favourite thing in the game.

4. Phobos

best video game horses phobos assassins creed odyssey

Features in: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
We can confirm that whichever horse you picked at the start, you made the right choice. They’re all named Phobos, they’re all lovely, and whichever skin you choose to dress up your loyal steed in, they all look the same level of fabulous. We’re particular fans of the Princess skin, which is basically a Rapunzel wig for your horse.

5. Ixion

best video game horses final fantasy x 10 ffx ff10 ixion

Features in: Final Fantasy X
Why bother with a regular horse when you could summon a lightning-wielding unicorn with golden armour and impressive mane styling instead? See that mane? Those are ponytails, which means Ixion has a sense of humour, and we love it.

BONUS: The Lord of the Mountain

best video game horses breath of the wild lord of the mountain legend of zelda

Features in: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
If you’re looking for a completely normal horse, this is the animal for you. Four legs and a tail, glows in the dark, has four eyes and plant-like horns, can’t be registered at the stables. Definitely a normal horse. Why are you even questioning that?