Gaming’s Greatest Fictional Products

best video game fictional products nuka cola fallout

Have you ever come across fictional products in a video game and wished they were real? Whether it’s the delicious-looking food, the nifty little gadgets that make your progression through scary places a walk in the park, or just random funny things in the background that make you do that silent little nose laugh of approval, they’re all part and parcel of what makes the game world feel real. They might not be real products, but we appreciate them all the same. Here are some of our favourites…

1. Hero and villain trading cards

best video game fictional products the last of us part ii 2 tlou cards

Find them in: The Last of Us Part II
Confession time: we actually love hunting down collectibles scattered across games. We were particular fans of these because the heroes and villains actually sound super cool, especially the giant space whale. Are these cards a sneaky hint that Naughty Dog are making a massive superhero game next? Probably not, but we can dream, right?

2. BRIDGES floating carrier

best video game fictional products death stranding floating carrier

Find it in: Death Stranding
BRIDGES make a lot of really cool pieces of kit (looking at you, giant portable ziplines), but one of our favourites is the good old floating carrier. Now, on the surface this doesn’t look very interesting. It carries your luggage, sure. But here’s the thing: it also levitates, which means you can ride it like a snowboard down the side of a mountain without breaking your neck. Probably. Don’t try this at home.

3. Nuka Cola

best video game fictional products nuka cola fallout bottle

Find it in: the Fallout series
Nuka-Cola contains eye-popping amounts of caffeine and 120% of your recommended daily sugar intake, so we’re not recommending you drink too much of it. It’s also at least a tiny bit irradiated, but then so is everything else in Fallout, so that’s probably the least of your worries. Just remember to save the cap so you can buy more when you have your post-caffeine crash.

4. Ebony Coffee

best video game fictional products ebony coffee final fantasy xv 15 ff

Find it in: Final Fantasy XV
None of the boys in Final Fantasy XV drink quite as much Ebony as Ignis, but then he’s also the only one who manages to drive, cook, plan tactics, and contrive to have flawless hair even when camping. We’re just saying we reckon there could be a link between caffeine and productivity…

5. Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube

best video game fictional products portal companion cube

Find it in: Portal
If there was ever a video game product that we needed in our lives, this is it. Just look at it. That sleek, futuristic design. The cute little heart on the side. The very sight of the Companion Cube is like a warm and friendly hug.

6. Keep Calm Kitten Poster

best video game fictional products subnautica kitty keep calm poster

Find it in: Subnautica
Cats make everything better. The clever folks at Alterra Corp know this, which is why they made this adorable cat poster to help their employees remain calm while hurtling through deep space and battling hungry aliens. There is a reason why we took it with us on every single trip we made down into the depths of the hostile alien ocean. One glance at this kitty and suddenly ravening sea monsters don’t seem quite so bad.