Gaming’s Greatest Dads

best video game dads the last of us part 2 ii tlou joel

Father’s Day is here once again, which means it’s time to cut your dad some slack when he makes another terrible dad joke and applaud his comedy genius, even if it’s just for one day in the year. And while we’re on the subject of great fathers, we might as well use today as an excuse to celebrate some of the very best video game dads so far.

Be warned… there may be minor story spoilers below!

1. Joel

best video game dads joel the last of us part ii 2

One of the grumpier dads on our list, but one who’ll stop at nothing to keep his kid safe, whether that’s his biological or adopted daughter. No, really, nothing will stop him. Not even the prospect of dooming the world is going to get in the way of Joel’s determination to be the best dad ever.

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2. Sam Porter Bridges

best video game dads sam porter bridges death stranding

Given that Sam lugged a tiny baby all the way across the width of America, more or less, you can forgive him for getting attached. Officially, the Bridge Baby might just be a bit of standard issue kit designed for use every time a gloopy BT shows up, but for Sam, this strange little unborn baby in a box is much more than that. He doesn’t give his boots a name or play the harmonica for his backpack, does he?

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3. Kratos

best video game dads kratos god of war

Kratos hasn’t had much luck with family life in the past, so it’s not surprising that he was a little bit nervous about taking on full-time parental rights for his son Atreus. Still, considering they went to pretty much every place on the list of places not to take your young and impressionable children, Kratos did a sterling job of keeping Atreus in one piece.

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4. Eli Vance

best video game dads eli vance half life alyx vr

Resistance leader, super smart scientist, all around nice guy, and looks great in VR too. He’s also the sort of person who tries to make friends with aliens instead of attacking them with the nearest crowbar, and honestly the world needs more people like that. Aliens aren’t so bad.

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5. Sebastian Castellanos

best video game dads sebastian castellanos the evil within 2

After all the brain sludge, headaches, chainsaw-wielding baddies, and general gory gloop that Sebastian had to deal with in The Evil Within, you’d think it would take an awful lot to make this grizzled old detective step back into the nightmarish world of STEM. Fortunately, he’s a great dad and you need only say “your daughter’s in danger” to make him run headlong back towards it in the sequel. No brain sludge is too much brain sludge where parenting is concerned.

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