6 cracking crossovers in video games

video game crossovers super smash bros ultimate

We don’t know about you, but we think there’s something really kind of awesome about characters from different worlds and universes getting to meet in the same setting.

While it’s ridiculously good fun to see how heroes and villains who would never normally meet might fare against each other in an all-out battle, it’s also really cool to see how characters would interact with each other outside of a fight-to-save-the-world scenario. Because, you know, them just hanging out is cool too.

So here are 6 video game crossovers that we thought were beyond amazing – are there any of your favourites that we’ve missed?

1. Monster Hunter World and The Witcher 3

The only thing that could have made us love Monster Hunter World any more than we already did was a collaboration with another one of our favourite games – and when we heard that it was going to be The Witcher 3, we couldn’t sleep for a week. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we were still pretty excited.

And with good reason – the newest crossover event on our list is on a big scale, with witcher Geralt of Rivia being introduced as a fully playable character with Witcher-inspired monster slaying missions to get stuck into. There are some fab rewards for completing all the objectives, like the recipes for crafting Geralt’s armour, silver sword and shield. And seriously, the attention to detail is amazing. We really get to feel Geralt’s confusion at finding himself abruptly transported to a new world, and it’s a really nice little touch to witness his interest in finding strange items and resources that we’ve long since accepted as a normal part of Monster Hunter life. He even wonders how effective they’d be as ingredients in his alchemy.

2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There’s a reason Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has thoroughly smashed Nintendo Switch sales records, and that’s because it’s amazing.

It’s a glorious mishmash of all our favourite characters from across a whopping thirty-two different game series, with so many play modes and curveballs to throw in that we reckon we’ll still be discovering new things in this game even when we’re old and grey.

Plus, and this gets the game some serious brownie points, we can even dive into the fray ourselves as a personalised Mii character. Because who wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of single-handedly defeating every superhero and supervillain that tried to take you on?

3. Disney and Square Enix

Okay, so we’re talking about Kingdom Hearts as a whole here. Before the magical series was a thing, we’d honestly never considered the thought of our favourite Final Fantasy heroes teaming up with the likes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – but Kingdom Hearts seriously makes it work. And Donald? He’s definitely the MVP.

Getting to visit the worlds of our favourite Disney movies (oh, and now Pixar ones too) and fighting alongside the cream of Disney royalty will always be one of our favourite crossover experiences in gaming.

4. Fortnite and Marvel Avengers: Infinity War

In one of the most exciting Limited Time Mashups so far in Fortnite (and they do keep on amazing us), the sudden appearance of superbaddie Thanos of Infinity War fame took everyone by surprise.

A single Infinity Gauntlet was delivered by meteor to a random location in each game, and whichever lucky individual found it first was dramatically transformed into the fearsome purple supervillain, armed with an arsenal of devastating powers.

That’s not to say that Thanos couldn’t be defeated, of course – he couldn’t regenerate health, use weapons or build, and anyone able to take him down was free to nab his Gauntlet and have a go at rampaging around as the Mad Titan in turn.

5. Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Final Fantasy XV

This particular crossover gets a double pat on the back, because not only did we get a Final Fantasy XV event in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, we also got an Assassin’s Creed event in Final Fantasy XV.

Assassins exploring both modern-day and ancient Egypt made some surprising discoveries, from chocobo car bumper stickers and a particular Prince’s sword right through to a very familiar fedora-wearer and a curiously feathery four-legged chocobo… camel… thing. (Look, who cares what it was. It was cute.)

Meanwhile in the world of Eos, the arrival of a whole Assassin’s Creed festival saw sleepy Prince Noctis (who apparently loves the series just as much as we do) dressing up in an Assassin costume complete with functioning hidden blade, assassinating enemy soldiers from inside trash cans, and combining his warping skills with a good old Leap of Faith. It might have been a short-lived event, but we were geeking out just as much as Noct was.

6. Marvel and Capcom

Everyone has a favourite superhero, and everyone thinks their superhero is superior to everyone else’s superhero and would definitely win against them in a fight. And then you get games like the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom series, and you get to test out your theory for real.

And while we love watching the Marvel crew duke it out in the movies, there’s no substitute for actually being in control of these titanic showdowns – especially when we get to add in fighters as varied as Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield, Street Fighter’s Zangief and Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright (yes, he’s an option too). However you look at it, these games really are an awesome way to win the greatest superhero argument.