5 of the most purr-fect video game cats

It’s international cat day, giving us a chance to celebrate our favourite felines and enjoy the pictures of kitties that are flooding the internet right now. Don’t worry, we’ve also lost our morning to perusing these snaps as well.

But let’s not forget some of the virtual cats who have also stolen our hearts over the years. Whether they’re helping or hindering us through our quests, these furballs are just too adorable not to love.

1. Meowth – Pokémon

Team Rocket’s mascot is always a handful, but even though he’s constantly getting himself into mischief, we still think he’s a top cat. Mainly because his Pay Day move in the games can net you a little extra coin!

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2. Meowscular Chef – Monster Hunter World

Palicos are just one of the (many) reasons we love Monster Hunter: World, but this buff boy might be our favourite. A chef who wants to make sure you’re ready for the battles ahead, he’s supremely skilled with a grill and will bulk your hunter up in no time at all.

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3. Khajiit – Elder Scrolls

A slight cheat here as Khajiit are one of the playable races across The Elder Scrolls series, rather than just one single, loveable cat. While it feels a little unfair to highlight one of them, we’re going to do it anyway. An early encounter with Ma’jhad in Skyrim stands out thanks to his iconic line: “Khajiit has wares, if you have coin”. Naturally, we became loyal customers.

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4. Mitzi – Animal Crossing

As you’d expect from a game called Animal Crossing, there are tonnes of cats that pad around the village you live in, but we have a soft spot for Mitzi. She’s been in every Animal Crossing game so far, and her happy-go-lucky nature means she’s always a delight to chat with.

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Black Cat – The Evil Within 2

This beautiful mog is an invaluable ally when fighting against the hordes of manic monsters in The Evil Within 2. When you return to your office, she’ll sometimes have a bit of Green Gel for you to upgrade your abilities with, as well as just being a calming presence in a game that usually leaves you tenser than a stretched elastic band.

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