5 virtual date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Tis the season for romance with Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend the big day then with your loved one in a virtual world. “Wait, but I had plans for a cinema trip and meal?” you are (presumably) yelling at your screen. And while we don’t doubt that would go down treat, will you really be creating the sort of memories that will last a lifetime? Probably not.

That’s where these 5 hand-picked games come in. They offer a Valentine’s experience that will leave you and your other half with the sort of tales you’ll be telling the (potential) grandkids in the years to come. Anyway. On with the list.

1. The Crucible – Destiny 2

The couple who slays together, stays together, which is why taking part in Crimson Days in Destiny 2 is perfect for competitive couples. Check out the ‘Crimson Doubles’ event in The Crucible, where you’ll go head-to-head with another duo to fight for Valentine’s supremacy.

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2. Aperture Science – Portal 2

Did you think that time picking out a sofa bed in Ikea was tough? Good News: Nothing compares the sheer horror of trying to get through GLaDOS’s fiendish challenges in Portal 2’s co-op mode. The cheeky AI will even try to ruin your relationship by whispering things to one player and not the other. So why does this make the list? Because if you can survive this, you’ll survive anything.

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3. Wizard School – Overcooked 2

Think the connection you have with your partner is magic? Put it to the (taste) test by seeing what sort of dishes you can create in Overcooked 2’s Wizard School. The frenzy of trying to create dishes to order while navigating some peculiar portals that teleport from one of the end of the kitchen to the other while leave you both in stitches. Plus, there’s no washing up to do at the end of this.

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4. Rainbow Road – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Do you love your beau to the stars and back? Well, why not take them there by racing on our karting course that hangs above the ground! Rainbow Road might be infamous for its tricky twists and turns, but we think there’s nothing more romantic than ruining Luigi’s day by sending the Super Bro tumbling off the track with a well coordinated double Red Shell-ing.

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5. New York – The Division

Ah, New York, New York. Who wouldn’t want to whisk that special someone off to The Big Apple and treat them to a tour of one of the world’s most vibrant cities? Well, how about taking them on a tour of a near-deserted version of Manhattan, where the only people who’ll bother you are (admittedly) well-armed militias intent on murdering you.

Okay, it’s not quite the same as going up the Empire State Building, but when else would you get to explore Times Square without thousands of people buzzing around you?

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