How to trade-in your tech at GAME

iPhone XR - Trade-in at GAME

With the iPhone XR coming out this Friday, you might be eyeing up an upgrade on your current handset. Well, good news: We buy mobiles here at GAME! So, if you wanted to ease the strain of getting the new iPhone on your wallet, or just fancied a bit of extra cash, we’re here to guide you through the simple process of trading in your tech with GAME.

How to sell your tech in-store

Head down to your local GAME with your phone, tablet, or other device, and make a beeline for the till. One of the lovely people who work there will give you a price for cash or in-store or credit for your device. If you’re after cash though, make sure you bring a form of photo ID with you.

If you’re happy to sell it, they will then do a test on your device to ensure it works. Assuming your phone passes, they’ll finish the trade-in and your wallet will get an injection of fat cash stacks!

How to sell your tech online

Swing by our trade-in site here, and click on “Sell Online Now” button. Then, type your device into the search bar that pops up and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll send you instructions on how to pop your devices in the post to us. All you need to do is package them in a box, as we provide you with free Royal Mail tracked delivery. We’ll then pay you via PayPal or your GAME Wallet.

See, pretty simple right? Give your savings a boost by chucking us your unwanted tech today.