Top dogs: 7 perfect pooches to celebrate the year of the dog

Today is the Chinese New Year and we’re delighted to see it’s shepherding in the year of the dog. We’re not the only ones either, with Overwatch’s Lunar event, Fortnite’s 2.50 update and Steam all celebrating the occasion. Our furry, loyal friends aren’t just great chums in real life either, they’ve been at our side in some of our favourite games.

So whether it’s helping us survive in a nuclear wasteland or shredding on a guitar, we’re going to take a gander at the virtual canines that have stolen our hearts.

1. Dogmeat

Appears in: Fallout 4

When the whole world is nothing but rubble and warring factions, you need a companion who will stick by your side no matter what. You want a sidekick who can distract you from the horror of the world around you. You got to get yourself a furry pal who can rock a bandana. Dogmeat ticks all those boxes and earns bonus points for being invincible in Fallout 4 as well.

2. D-Dog

Appears in: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

They say that dogs take on the appearance of their owners, which is taken quite literally in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Venom Snake has an eye patch, DD has an Eye patch. That’s not the only similarity between the pair. Venom Snake takes down soldiers with ruthless efficiency and DD is just as handy at doing the same. These two are peas in a pod.

3. Mira

Appears in: Silent Hill 2

There’s every chance you might not have met Mira in this chilling horror. To find her, you need to plunder the secret dog key and head to the Lakeview Hotel. Once you find the shiba inu, standing on her hind legs at a control desk, protagonist James Sutherland drops to his knees and wails about the fact that the dog was behind everything. Still, Mira is very cute, so no complaints from us.

4. Amaterasu

Appears in: Okami

While most of the dogs on this list are companions or side-characters, Okami’s Amaterasu is one of the rare canines you get to play as. Furthermore, the white wolf’s adventure is a very different experience to other games as well, thanks to the cel-shaded graphics. Oh, she’s also a goddess, so we couldn’t really leave her off this list.

5. K.K. Slider

Appears in: Animal Crossing series

It’s hard not to love K.K Slider and his passion of riffing on his guitar. One of the anthropomorphised residents of the Animal Crossing world, his laidback attitude might not be so dog-like, but we can’t remember the last time one of our pets got out a six string and played an original composition. His chirpy voice alongside the mellow tunes is music to our ears.

6. The Dog

Appears in: Fable 2

Like Fallout’s Dogmeat, your faithful friend in Fable II is a hound whose helpfulness knows no bounds. They’ll dig up treasure, hunt out dig spots, and even attack the ne’er-do-wells who fight your character. Just like your human hero, this dog’s appearance will change depending on how good or evil you are, so there was extra incentive to (not) be an awful adventurer.

7. Growlithe

Appears in: Pokémon series

One of the original 151, Growlithe is a puppy Pokémon that, unlike regular pups, can breathe fire. That makes it quite the companion to have, but add on the fact that it’s incredibly loyal and you’ve got a doggy friend like no other. You can evolve him into Arcanine, but we think that his first form is his cutest, and therefore, best.