The Ultimate Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater playlist

Tony Hawks Ultimate Playlist

Has any game series had a soundtrack as iconic as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? From the moment we pushed off in the Birdman’s series, we fell in love with its punky soundtrack.

Whether it was your first exposure to the likes of the Dead Kennedys, Motorhead, and Bad Religion or gave you a place to listen to old favourites, it helped create one of the most addictive gaming experiences of the early ‘00s. Who else couldn’t resist just one more run to Goldfinger’s Superman?

That’s why we created a Spotify with our favourite Tony Hawk’s tracks on it. From the original game through to American Wasteland, we’ve compiled the songs that we’re still listening to years later. Check it out below. And yes, Ace of Spades is on it, but we’ve also put a fair few underappreciated gems on there.

What do you think of our choices? Are there any glaring omissions or questionable decisions you think we’ve made? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.