There’s a lara fun to be had in the Tomb Raider Escape Experience

Tomb Raider is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Blu-Ray today, delivering action, adventure, and a certain amount of pickaxe-based violence. And to celebrate Lara’s latest cinematic adventure, Warner Bros. have created an escape room experience using actual sets from the blockbuster film.

GAME were lucky enough to be invited along to see if we could survive the experience, which features a mix of brainteasing puzzles and demanding physical challenges, all set against a series of beautifully realised backdrops. How did we get on? Well, let’s just say Lara doesn’t have to worry about the competition just yet…

Richard Croft’s Study

The first part of our experience has us hunting through clues in Richard Croft’s study. We’re greeted by Mason, a delightfully cheery assistant who informs us that we need to answer three questions if we’re going to find Papa Croft’s diary that we’ll need for later.

The questions are head-scratchers, but there are clues all throughout the gorgeously-outfitted room that help us, and we dig through Richard’s possessions (sorry mate, desperate times) to hunt down the answers we need.

But there’s no time to rest on our laurels, as a cacophony of nearby banging and shouting signals the arrival of an elite squad of Trinity mercenaries. They’re hot on our heels, so we leg it into the next area.

Raiding for real

Suddenly, we find ourselves on the island of Yamatai, inside an icy cave on the hunt for Himiko (names you’ll recognise if you played the 2013 reboot). The air is dark and stale. The light is faint. Somewhere, water drips in the darkness. We look around and long for the comfy chairs and tasteful furnishings of Richard’s cosy study.

There’s more puzzles to solve, but we won’t spoil them here. Once we’ve cracked the conundrum, Mason ushers us through a narrow passageway and onto our final destination: the Tomb of Himiko itself. Once our eyes grow accustomed to the light, we see her coffin and desiccated corpse in the centre of the chamber. It’s not a particularly comforting sight.

A series of further mental tests, each more challenging than the last, still stand between us and freedom. Naturally, we get through them in no time at all (with only a teeny bit of help from our new best friend Mason), and make a breathless escape as the ancient tomb collapses above our heads,

Free at last

The fun isn’t over just yet though. We’ve now got to zip wire down to complete our escape. Pickaxe in hand (cough, and safety harness on), we slide our way out of the tomb. Sadly, despite our desperate pleas, we weren’t allowed to do it again. You can’t blame us though, Lara’s life is certainly more exhilarating than ours.

With Tomb Raider now out, you can see the sets we had to clamber our way through. Good job Lara navigated them a little more confidently than we did!