The 7 most embarrassing ways to die in Hitman 2

There are dozens of ways to dispatch people in Hitman 2, and if you’re good enough, this Miami-set motorsport stage lets you get away with murder, even with multiple cameras watching and denser crowds then we’ve ever seen in a Hitman game (apparently there are over 2,000 people here).

We had a chance to play Hitman 2 at Gamescom 2018, and discovered a world that was rich with murderous opportunity. Not all hits are created equal, though, and some ways of kicking the bucket look as embarrassing as they are painful. We’ve rounded up 7 of the most humiliating ways Agent 47 shuffled his targets off this mortal coil.

1. Slapped with a fish

Fish make great murder weapons. Even if a slap round the chops doesn’t knock the life from your body, you wouldn’t report the attack out of sheer humiliation.

2. Blown up by a rubber duck

The popular bath time treat turns deadly in the hands of Agent 47, who rigs it with enough explosives to blow up two full-sized men. The utter indignity.

3. Death by having no brakes

Steal a mechanic’s disguise and you can infiltrate the garage and fiddle with the car’s brakes, causing its driver to fatally crash and the crowd to second guess his skills. A whole career down the drain.

4. Passed away from explosion

Driving a racing car at high speeds is risky business, so you should check your vehicle thoroughly to make sure it’s safe to hurl around the track. Or you could just cavalierly climb into a car with a massive blinking mine stuck to the back of it…

5. Dispatched by a robot

Thought they were meant to protect us? Wrong! Screw Asimov’s laws of robotics. Agent 47 can hack this machine to do the job for him.

6. Kicked off a rooftop

A kick in the bum. What a way to go. It’s a standard Hitman death, sure, but no less painful, both physically and emotionally. But especially physically.

7. Pushed off a rooftop

Guys, stop standing on the edges of rooftops.