Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features every fighter in Smash history

The next entry in Nintendo’s fighting game series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, will launch on Switch on 7th December, 2018.

Nintendo has confirmed that every single fighter who has ever appeared in the Smash Bros series will be returning for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This includes fighters that have been absent in recent titles including Solid Snake, Wolf, and Pichu.

Splatoon’s Inkling will also enter the fray for the first time. This slippery Squid Kid can ink enemies, leaving them vulnerable to greater damage. Metroid’s gruesome villain Ridley will also be playable in the new game.

Returning characters introduced in Smash Bros for Wii U include Pac-Man, Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Ryu (Street Fighter) and Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles).

Additionally, familiar characters will get reworks and new moves. Link appears with his Breath of the Wild costume, alongside Zelda who jumps in from A Link Between Worlds. Plus, characters including Sonic, Snake, and Cloud will get new powered-up final smash moves. Many of your favourite stages from previous games, such as Kongo Falls, will make an appearance here as well.

For fans of the series: all of your previous amiibos will be compatible with this game. For the old school, you can even use your Gamecube controller to recapture that classic feel! Choose your fighter and leap into battle when this eagerly-anticipated title launches later this year.

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