5 mini-games that will get the Super Mario Party started

Looking for your next multiplayer party starter? Super Mario Party is ready to answer that call! It’s a rapid-fire collection of mini-games that gets you and a group of mates to use the Nintendo Switch in distinctive ways. One second you’re waggling the Joy-con in a tricycle race, the next you’re using the HD rumble feature to see if a steak is cooked.

We got a chance to try five mini-games at Gamescom, all of which were played on a single Joy-Con. Read on to see what we made of them and why we think Super Mario Party could be a perfect multiplayer game for the family.

1. Do a Barrel Roll!

The first mini-game we play sees our gang racing against each other, but with a twist. You see, Mario and friends are running on barrels. To control them here, you have to tilt the Joy-Con forward so they start to roll and lean it side to side to avoid obstacles that litter the path.

It’s a fun race to take part in as there’s enough mixture between skill and luck to make it feel like anyone could win. Plus the sight of Waluigi’s long legs trying to build up momentum on a barrel is one for the ages.

2. Steak a claim

Our next challenge is a test for our inner Gordon Ramsay. We need to be the first to sizzle a cube of steak in a frying pan, ensuring it’s cooked all the way through. The only way to brown all its sides though is by flicking our slab of meat in the pan like it was a pancake.

Thanks to the HD rumble that gently buzzes as the steak sizzles away, it’s strangely satisfying to see if you can cook the cube first.

3. Cruising for a broozin’

We’ve got another race this time, a last man standing dash away from a relentless wave of Broozers. This one’s a little more straightforward in theory, it’s a flat sprint just using the Joy-Con’s thumbstick.

But having a sea of punching ghosts chase you helps give it a hectic pace, as you all try to stay at the head of the pack. Watching poor old Luigi get smashed off the screen is funnier than it should be…

4. Three wheelers

Next up is a tricycle sprint, where you need to paddle the Joy-Con from side-to-side to be first past the finish line. This may be the simplest mini-game we play, but it makes for a great spectacle, as you watch Mario’s chums swerve inelegantly to the finish line while your gang frantically waggle their Joy-Cons.

5. Dodge This

Our last taste of Super Mario Party comes in the form of a game where you have to dodge charging American Football players. These burly broozers run across a small square and will knock you out of it if you get in there way.

You only have three lives, with the last one standing getting the bragging rights, and it’s sure to test even the most nimble-thumbed players about.

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