5 reasons we love Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC

Spider-UK Spider-Man The Heist

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s first bit of DLC is finally here, with The Heist introducing us properly to Black Cat. And by properly, your first face-to-face meeting sees her behind bulletproof glass, mugging Peter Parker off again. This is very much her MO.

Anyway, we’re proper excited to be heading back to Spidey’s hometown of New York City for even more web-slinging fun and The Heist doesn’t disappoint on that front. To celebrate its launch, here are 5 things that we love about the new DLC.

1. New Storyline

The Heist kicks off a new story for our favourite wallcrawler, focusing on the mobs of NYC that are trying to take Kingpin’s place after he went off to jail. On top of that, Black Cat is back in town, and clearly messing with Peter Parker’s head. The poor lad has clearly got some complicated feelings for her.

Just like the main game, this mixes in elements from comic storylines with Insomniac’s own spin on these characters to create something that feels fresh for everyone.

2. Black Cat

Speaking of Black Cat, Felicia Hardy is a great addition. Her loose morals and ambiguous motives (and the aforementioned chemistry with the web-slinger) make her a fascinating foil for Spidey. We’re into her getting a bigger role in this DLC.

3. New Suits

One of the best thing about the main game was the steady drip of new suits to dress Spidey in and this DLC gives you 3 more options. There’s the metallic Resilient Suit, which looks incredibly slick, as well as the Scarlet Spider II suit that will impress die-hard comic fans. Unsurprisingly however, our favourite is the Spider-UK suit, which transforms Peter’s get-up into a Union Jack. If only he would take an actual trip to the UK…

4. New Activities

Or: More Spider-Bot! Yes, Pete’s adorable dinky robot returns in one of the new types of activities that you can tackle around NYC, as you use it to defuse bombs. Other types of challenges that this DLC adds includes hunting down paintings hidden by the old Black Cat (that would be Walter Hardy), along with more crimes to stop across the city. A Spider’s work is never done, and that’s no bad thing when it’s this fun.

5. More Spider-Man

Spidey’s PS4 adventure is not only one of the best games of the year, it’s also one of the best Spider-Man games of all time. So getting another chunk of swingin’ and slingin’ less than two months after its debut makes us happier than Peter Parker when he’s doing a bit of science.

With two more packs, Turf Wars and Silver Linings, on the way, it looks like our Spider-smile is here to stay for a while.

Yet to head back to NYC for some more Spider-antics? Head here to get The City That Never Sleeps season pass now!