5 brilliantly recreated characters in Soulcalibur VI (and 1 lame attempt)

Skeletor - SoulcaliburVI custom characters

Soulcalibur VI has become a bit of obsession for us. Not only is it a fantastic fighting game, but it’s got a superb character creator. Watching its talented community create some exceptional fighters is almost as thrilling as hurling chumps off the stage of history with Voldo.

Of course, there are some standouts, which we’ve rounded up here for you to peruse. We’ve also tried to see if we could match some of these efforts and… we’ll leave you to be the judge.

Skeletor by Redditor /u/FunRedGnome

This unnervingly accurate recreation of Skeletor impresses and distresses in equal measure. On the one hand, great job u/FunRedGnome! On the other, imagine trying to take this evil bag of bones on? No thanks, the thought is sending shivers down our spine.

Mikasa by Redditor /u/Cloudless_sky

This brilliant Mikasa from Attack on Titan creation is great, and probably the first time she’s had a fair fight in a while. It’s our pleasure to report there are no 20ft Titans for her to take on this game.

Waluigi by Redditor u/Indecisive_Lamp

The lanky limbed foil to Wario gets an equally gangly (and good!) version for Soulcalibur. We feel like taking him on would be a nightmare though, as Waluigi could probably kick you from a mile away.

2B by Redditor u/Hydrangeabed

Nier: Automata’s heroine is another good addition to the line-up. Not only is this an accurate representation of the paranoid android, but we feel her overall design fits the Soulcalibur aesthetic pretty neatly.

Darth Maul by Redditor u/Captain-Cliche

One of the deadliest Sith in the galaxy gets an appropriately foreboding translation into Soulcalibur VI. The red double-ended sword is a nice touch, while we’re also seriously impressed by that face tattoo. Bonus points for reminding us that Darth Vadar is an official part of Soulcalibur lore as well!

Solaire by… Us!