Soulcalibur is 20! Watch us revisit the seminal fighting game

Soulcalibur is one of the greatest fighting series’ in gaming. From the Guard Edge blocking system to the revolutionary freedom of movement, Namco’s fighter quickly become a cult classic. That and the fact that it had Voldo, a fighter with knives for fingers…

With its arcade version turning 20 this week, we decided to celebrate its anniversary by live streaming the Xbox Live Arcade version of the gaming. Click on the video at the top to watch how Becky and James fared when pitted against each other in a fight for office bragging rights.

This isn’t the only celebration of Soulcalibur’s 20th anniversary this year, with a long-awaited sequel finally coming to our consoles later in 2018! Not only will Soulcalibur VI let us return to the 16th century to fight for the Soul’s Edge sword, but it’s also bringing along The Witcher 3’s Geralt to join in the fun.

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