Sony reveals more details about their plans for Next Generation gaming

sony next gen console latest marvel spider man
sony next gen console latest marvel spider man

Sony have revealed some exciting new details about their next generation console, showing off some of its features at a recent investor’s conference.

The presentation included a side-by-side comparison of loading times for Marvel’s Spider-Man, with current gen hardware taking 8.10 seconds to load and the next gen console taking less than 1 second. It also showed off just how speedy Spider-Man’s web-swinging could be with a superfast console, managing to load in a seemingly endless stream of skyscrapers and selfie-taking citizens.

Sony have put up the presentation on their website, giving us a look at their next gen plans.

The slides reiterate that the new console will have disc support and be backwards compatible. On top of that, it will give gamers the choice of how they want to play games, whether that’s via physical copies, digital downloads, or streaming. With the PS Now subscription service already well established, this makes a lot of sense considering that Sony and Microsoft have recently announced a collaborative effort to develop cloud technology for games streaming together, and it looks as though streaming is also going to be a key feature for the new console.

It also suggests that the ultimate aim is for owners of the new console to be able to game on the go, even if they don’t have the console to hand. And if that means we can play God of War on our morning commute, we might just cry with joy.

An April feature in Wired Magazine gave us our first look at the new console’s specs and capabilities, but we’re still waiting for confirmation on price and a release date.

sony next gen console latest presentation slide

For now, that’s all that’s been revealed about Sony’s next console, but keep checking back with us for further updates.

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sony next gen console latest ps4

There’s still a bit of a wait for the next gen console, but in the meantime, you can check out the latest Sony games and consoles right here!

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