Who is your character, The Wolf, in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?

Sekiro The Wolf

With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sneaking into our lives on 22nd March and we could not be more excited. That’s why we’ve been gathering every last scrap of information we can find about the game, the hero, the world he lives in and more.

So without further ado, let’s see what intel there is on the hero himself…

Who is The Wolf in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?

Our hero is a mysterious shinobi called The Wolf, raised by a warrior called The Owl, and charged with protecting a young noble who is the last remaining descendant of an ancient bloodline.

And that young boy really does need protecting, because the commander of the enemy Ashina clan seeks to capture him for his own nefarious reasons. At the very beginning of the game, the Ashina commander launches a vicious attack, captures the young lord, and mutilates The Wolf, leaving him for dead.

Somehow surviving, just without an arm, The Wolf awakes to find himself in the care of a mysterious man known as the Busshi of Aretera, the sculptor of Buddhist relic statues that act as checkpoints throughout the game. The Busshi has also crafted a prosthetic arm to replace the one the shinobi lost to the Ashina commander, and this becomes a key tool in his arsenal of weaponry. It is also the Busshi who gives the shinobi a new name: ‘Sekiro’, meaning ‘one-armed wolf’. That would also explain the game’s name…

Anyway, with his young master in danger, Sekiro sets out to recovers him in on life-or-death journey, facing hordes of enemies both supernatural and human along the way.

What are The Wolf’s abilities and weapons?

As the Wolf is a shinobi, he’ll be able to unlock and use a variety of ninja abilities. He can conceal himself behind revolving doors, hide up in the rafters, or in foliage. He can throw small weapons like shuriken (throwing stars), and perform stealthy takedowns on enemies from around corners. He’ll also have a powerful finishing move called the Shinobi Deathblow, which is pretty self-explantory.

His prosthetic arm, meanwhile, is used to incorporate a number of useful gadgets, such as a kaginawa grappling hook, a shield-breaking axe, and even a firecracker launcher. It looks as though Sekiro has a lot of secrets hidden in high places, and the grappling hook will be an invaluable tool for exploration.

The Wolf even seems to have a special (and extremely useful) ability to read attacks before they hit him, like a Japan-themed Spidey-sense. With this ability, Japanese kanji characters appear in mid-air, giving hints as to how the battle is about to progress. One of the most common of these is the kanji for danger, which helpfully materialises to warn the Wolf of an impending special attack.

On the (literal) other hand the Wolf carries a katana, which he can use to lethal effect on its own in combat, or he can combine it with the abilities of his prosthetic arm to pull off all manner of deadly tricks. For instance, if he has a specific arm gadget equipped, he can set his blade alight and deal significant fire damage to weaker enemies.

Aside from his main katana, the Wolf will also carry a secondary blade called the Mortal Blade. As if the name didn’t give it away, this blade will have a mysterious “special function”, though exactly what that will be hasn’t yet been revealed.

The secretive Sekiro

Like all the best ninja characters, the Wolf remains largely shrouded in mystery. If Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is anything like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, we can expect a fair amount of detective work to conjure up some answers from amongst all the secrets, rumours, and story fragments.

Which feels like a very authentic part of being a shinobi…