See where Dark Souls players died the most with this morbid map

We all know that Dark Souls is a game in which you die a lot, but one enterprising tweeter has sifted through the data to produce an oddly beautiful map showcasing the areas where people kick the bucket most frequently.

Twitter user DriftItem created the captivating map to mark the location of Bloodstains (which designate player deaths) and Messages across the Dark Souls world on PC.

While the fact there’s a lot of lit up areas is no surprise, it’s fascinating to see which sites proved most deadly to players. Unsurprisingly, the bridge with the Hellkite Dragon on it boasts a lot of deaths, as does the Kiln of the First Flame where you battle Gwyn.

In a later tweet, DriftItem explained how he managed to capture the data seen.

Dark Souls Remastered is bringing this acclaimed action epic to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch on the 25th of May. That means you’ve got two-and-a-bit months to study this visual aid – it might just help you survive Lordran that little bit longer.