What comes with Saints Row: The Third Nintendo Switch Deluxe Pack?

Saints Row The Third
Saints Row Pre-order

Saints Row: The Third is heading to Nintendo Switch!

The outrageous sandbox shooter first hit PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2011, but now it’s bringing it’s signature brand of mayhem to Nintendo’s portable console on 10 May.

Even more excitingly, you can nab yourself a GAME-exclusive physical edition of Saints Row: The Third.

If you pre-order and purchase through GAME, you’ll get the Deluxe edition, that comes with a game case sleeve, reversible in-lay, double-sided lithogrpahs, a microfibre cloth that can clean your Switch screen, thumb grips for the console, sticker sheets, and a A2 poster.

Saints Row Switch Pre-order

The Switch version of Saints Row: The Third is also the definitive edition of the game, coming with three mission packs, and over 30 pieces of DLC. On top of that, you’ll also be able to play the game with a partner via online or local multiplayer, letting you ramp up the outlandish action to heights previously thought impossible.

It also marks the first time the popular series has been available on a Nintendo platform, although the original release for Saints Row: The Third was popular with both players and critics, scoring a respectable 84 on Metacritic.

Whether you’ve never dived into this bombastic open-world before or can’t wait to revisit it on the morning commute, this is the perfect package for any Switch owner.

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Saints Row Pre-order

Relieve the 3rd Street Saints mis-adventures by getting Saints Row: The Third at GAME today.

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