What happens in the Resident Evil 2: Safe House Experience?

Resident Evil 2 Safe House

The Resident Evil 2: Safe House is now open on London’s South Bank, giving brave fans of the series a chance to make their way through a real-life R.P.D. We convinced one intrepid member of our team to head on down and see if they could survive the experience.

Sadly, we haven’t seen them since, but they did manage to send us some notes…


I’m at the Raccoon City Police Department reception area with three other people, but it’s not a safe haven. An Officer Ridley is here, but she’s been bitten pretty bad. She’s still a human though, and has given us a torch, telling us we’ll have to go on ahead without her. Why did I say yes to this again? Before we head off, I get a chance to check out the police department map, while Officer Ridley tells the group we need to head to the roof to get to safety.

Oh. We’ll need to find a key on her desk first. Blast it.

We’re heading to the office, and when we see what’s inside, everyone starts to yell. It’s covered in blood, clearly been torn apart by zombies. Monitors are on the floor, limbs are everywhere, and we’re all terrified that something is lurking in the room. After a lot of searching, we finally find the key and make our way through to the next room.

And then we come face-to-face with a screaming monster locked behind bars. I think I see blood dripping down its chops, but I don’t want to get any closer to this fiend, lest he get ahold of me. Still, I can take some small comfort from him being behind bars. I’m sure this unearned confidence won’t come back to haunt me.

There’s a stairwell door we open with the key and there’s a police officer brandishing a shotgun. He’s not been bitten and has a plan to get us out, so naturally, he’s our new best friend. He tells us to use our ‘inside voices’ and keep low, which is a fair trade for staying alive, and we follow him up the stairwell and make our way to the next room.

Oh good, there are bloody sheets everywhere, the perfect hiding spots for zombies. We’re helping our cop friend find his co-worker, while keeping a lookout for zombies. Uh-oh, there’s half-devoured body under one sheet, so we dash to the next door when we hear a horrible zombie scream coming our way.

The next room is somehow the darkest one yet, with all of our group starting to worry. The cop starts to panic, telling us to line up, inspecting our eyes for signs of the virus, checking for bites. Then we notice the zombie. The police officer goes up to it, telling us that it’s his partner. But it’s not anymore. He drops his gun, despite our yells telling him not to, but before you could say “dinner time”, his mortality-challenged ex-partner leaps on him, biting him to death.

All this commotion sees another police officer head to us, who barges through the door to help us to safety. We run back through to where we’d just come from, with the staircase to the roof just in sight…

Oh god, oh god, oh god, the zombie that had been locked up is suddenly out and chasing us up the stairs. We don’t make the same mistake as our dearly departed cop pal, and sprint for the exit.

We finally make it out alive and meet a nurse who checked us over for bites. Apparently, we need to drink a blood antidote, which is the only way to not turn into a zombie. If we don’t take the antidote, we’ll turn into one of the creatures we’d just been running from, but I’m not sure I can stomach it. I’m feeling itchy all over, and my group look so tasty…

That’s the last time we’ll send anyone into a zombie-infested building. But, if you want the scares without the fear of running into actual zombies, you can pick up Resident Evil 2 from GAME today!