5 things we learned from our hands on with Resident Evil 2

Kendo Resident Evil 2

With Resident Evil 2 out in just over a month’s time, we recently got the chance to go hands on with the horror gem. Not only did we get to sample sections of Leon and Claire’s story, we also discovered some surprising new things Capcom are introducing to make these zombie classic just as scary as it was back on the original PlayStation.

So, find a sofa to hide behind, and join us as we look at 5 of the most important things we learned from our mini break in Raccoon City.

1. The Tyrant is scarier than ever

The Tyrant (aka Mr. X or the T-00) is Resident Evil 2’s early version of the Nemesis, an almost unkillable super monster who is looking to murder anyone who gets in his way. And during our hands on, he stalks Ada unrelentingly through the sewers, as well as Claire through Raccoon City Police Department. In a similar way to the Baker clan from Resident Evil 7, he feels like a persistent threat who could catch you unaware at any time and because of that, he’s scarier than ever.

2. Ada’s new gadget

We get a chance to play as Ada during Leon’s campaign, where she has a new tool called the EMF visualizer. This handy tool is used in a variety of puzzles throughout Ada’s section, showcasing how the game is capturing the spirit of the original while still throwing in a few surprises and tweaks that improve the overall experience.

3. A new area called Orphanage

Speaking of surprises, Capcom ended our demo with a reveal of an entirely new section of the game they’re dubbing “Orphanage”. Here, we see some events from Sherry Birkin’s perspective, but outside this look at what is an incredible creepy orphanage, we don’t know much more about it. Suffice to say, we can’t wait to see what happens at the Orphanage when Resident Evil 2 gets released.

4. R.P.D. is as intricate and surprising as ever

There’s no denying that the Raccoon City Police Department is one of the most iconic buildings throughout Resi’s history. A labyrinth of puzzles, secrets, and terrifyingly long corridors, it’s been perfectly remade for this entry.

It’s had a redesign that you’ll notice more if you’ve spent a lot of time with the original, but the feeling that danger is lurking around any corner remains. More importantly, the desire to comb through every area is just as strong as the fear that a Licker will catch you off-guard at any second.

5. Ada’s Red Dress is back

Yes, as you can see above, Ada still has her red dress! While it’s only minor detail, it also proves that Capcom isn’t changing anything for the sake of it. These fan-pleasing moments were scattered throughout our hands on and we can’t wait to see what other callbacks will be in the final game.

Can’t wait to head back to Raccoon City? Or will this be your first time exploring the zombie-infested town? Head to GAME to pre-order your copy today!