RAGE 2 game director built a “bug-out” van for the apocalypse

The game director on RAGE 2 once worked on building his own “bug-out vehicle”.

When we got the chance to catch up with Magnus Nedfors, game director on Rage 2, we couldn’t resist asking him if he had plans to survive in a post-apocalypse like his game.

Without hesitation, he told us: “If this ever became the reality, I think I actually have a little plan, because I work in post-apocalypse games so much, you start to think about it.

“I’m semi-prepared… I actually built my own bug-out vehicle. It was a big four-wheel drive van I had.

“You know, I [would] grab my best friend and my family, and I knew where to go in Sweden. There was a little exit plan going around.”

Sounds like Magnus would be a handy guide around the devastated world of RAGE 2, which was shown off in full for the first time this week at Bethesda’s E3 show.

The vibrant shooter blew our minds, thanks to its mix of frantic action and open-world design, where if you see a vehicle, you can drive it.

We like to think that Magnus had a big hand in getting that idea into the game.

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