How to get the gorgeous 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro at GAME

Sony have announced a Limited Edition 2TB PS4 Pro to celebrate the 500th million PlayStation to be sold!

How limited is it? Only 50,000 will be released worldwide!

The stunning console is a translucent dark blue, with a copper colouring for the PlayStation logo as well as a copper plaque on the front which numbers your console.

On top of that, you’ll get a translucent DualShock 4, dark blue PlayStation Camera and Vertical Stand, as well as a mono-headset. It’ll also have double the storage space of a standard PS4 Pro – a whopping 2 terabytes!

How do I pre-order the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro?

GAME will be one of the few retailers where you’ll be able to pick up this fantastic slice of history! Pre-orders will go live from 10am on Tuesday the 14th of August in-store only. You’ll have to head to your nearest GAME if you want to pop your pre-order in. The console itself will hit stores on Friday the 24th of August.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to snag a console though, as pre-orders for the DualShock 4 will go live separately on the same day, both in-store and online.

And on October the 11th, they will also be releasing a Gold Wireless Headset that has the same dark blue and copper design as the console.