PlayStation goes PSVR heavy at PGW

Paris Games Week PlayStation 2017
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With over 100 games already out for their prized Virtual Reality hardware, PlayStation aren’t letting up on new games, IPs and updates any time soon. At the Paris Games Week conference, they showed off a ton of stuff and celebrated its one-year anniversary. Here’s a round-up of all things PSVR from the show on 30th October.

“Before the world was ours, Titans battled for supremacy. And the champion… would become a god.”
In the pre-show, this title was shown off as a world debut. It’s an action-packed hero shooter and has been developed by a team of expert multiplayer-focused members, many of which come from Insomniac Games. Showing off an entirely cinematic trailer, we unfortunately didn’t get to glimpse any gameplay, but the prospect of becoming “a god” seems entirely intriguing. Coming to PSVR in 2018.

Bow to Blood
“It takes more than just a fancy airship to make it in the arena. It takes a captain and a crew.”
Another world debut in the pre-show which comes to PSVR in 2018, Bow to Blood almost has an essence of a fantasy reality TV show where you fight alongside your heroes, or take them on, in a battle of laser-shooting pirate ships. It’s also procedurally generated, bringing a new experience to the table every time you play it.

Bit Planet’s Ultrawings is an aerial-themed, open-world flight game where you’ll pilot multiple aircrafts to complete various missions across an island world. It will make use of the PS Move controllers as you utilise them to pilot the plane. Ultrawings currently holds a [9/10] on Steam for its HTC Vive and Oculus Rift version, and is coming soon for PSVR.

Sprint Vector
Rollerblading with lasers? Yes! Survios, the developers behind Raw Data (2017), are bringing their foot-racing game to PSVR alongside the Rift and HTC Vive version. Offering fluid locomotion, you’ll get a nausea-free, fast-paced experience so you can run, jump, climb and fly freely.

Final Fantasy XV: Fishing
FF fans, this one’s for you. We got some brand new footage of Final Fantasy XV’s Monster of the Deep, and you don’t have to wait much longer for it, either. This standalone game features some familiar places, but new locations have also been added, along with the ability to customise fishing rods and other equipment to target certain fish.

Monster of the Deep is expected to be released on November, 21.

Moss Lands
Already revealed at E3 2017, Moss Lands now has a confirmed release date: February 2018. Controlling a mouse called Quill, you adventure through a forest environment, solving puzzles with the motion controller and moving Quill with the analog stick.

Star Child
A cinematic platforming adventure, in Star Child you play as Specter who crash lands on an alien planet during an important mission. It’s a 2D platformer, but its colourful and unique art style with some interesting abilities to tinker around with looks perfectly fit for a modern gaming world.

Not A Hero – Resident Evil VII DLC
Features the muscle man himself, Chris Redfield, a staple main character from previous Resi titles. This new trailer explored the events following Resident Evil 7 and is entirely FREE additional content. Get in! Coming 12th December 2017.

We also got a glimpse of the Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition, which will launch on the same date as the Not a Hero DLC. It’ll include the base game as well as all the other previously released DLC packs, and the upcoming End of Zoe DLC.

Dead Hungry
In the spirit of all things spooky and scary, Dead Hungry releases in time for Halloween on PS Store. With a humorous spin on the horror genre, the title from Q-Games is also headed to PSVR and has you making burgers for zombies. Obviously. Out 31st October.

“Immerse yourself in darkness. Dare you make a sound?”

Another game for the scary season, but it appears more genuinely terrifying than the one before it. Stifled has a visual style that is entirely monochrome with hints of red – almost like a creepy Vib Ribbon! It looks like you have to create noise to paint a picture of the world around you, but you may not want to as the sounds might attract… unwanted attention. Out 31st October.

League of War: VR Arena
Coming to PSVR on 7th November 2017, League of War: VR Arena showcased a smidge of gameplay for its tabletop-esque style. As the trailer shows, you can pick up a controller and play someone who’s using the PSVR unit, which is kind of neat. We’re getting mad Command & Conquer feels. We knew it was coming, but now we have a solid release date.

This rhythmic spaceship game features a dance-heavy track from Aviici and was originally announced at PGW two years ago. With a small glimpse of co-op action, Invector will feature four player split-screen. LOVING this. We’re unsure, as of yet, how this will work with VR, but rhythm/music games are the best when played with friends, so we’re sure that they’ll make it work.

With feelings of Journey and Abzu permeating this trailer, in Oure you play as a child that can transform into a Chinese dragon and fly through the air. The premise is that there are things in this world called Titans and they had important jobs, but for whatever reason they stopped doing them. So, you have to float through the world and persuade them to get back to work, uncovering mysteries as you go. Available worldwide on PS Store from today.