5 things you need to know about PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classic is out today! If you’re chomping at the bit for a stroll down 32-bit era lane with this revamped retro delight, we’ve rounded up more details about the retro console via the PlayStation Blog. We recommend whacking on some of your favourite ’90s Brit-pop to set the scene.

1. It’s really small

We knew the PlayStation Classic was going to be 45% smaller than the original console that launched back in 1995, but according to the PlayStation Blog, it’s around the size of “a small paperback novel”. Does this mean we’re going to take this with us everywhere we go? Yes.

2. The original start-up screen returns

The PlayStation start-up screen might seem like a minor detail, but hearing the iconic jingle before the logo pops up undoubtedly offers a massive hit of nostalgia. Who else was transported to back to their childhood bedroom when they first heard it again?

3. History lesson

As you peruse the selection of 20 games on offer, you’ll notice that the system tells you when the game was first released, along with other details about the title. Considering some younger gamers will be picking this up without having originally played a PlayStation, it’s a nice touch that helps to contextual the games.

4. The reset button will save your game

Like Nintendo’s SNES Mini and NES Mini, the PlayStation Classic lets you create a Resume Point where you can hop in and hop out of your game. To activate it, simply press the Reset button on the console, which will send you back to the menu. The next time you load up the game, you’ll start at that point.

5. Eject is used to ‘swap’ discs

Remember how games used to be spread across the different discs? Any fan of Final Fantasy will tell you about having to swap between CD-ROMs. In a cute touch, tapping the Eject button on the console is how you switch between ‘discs’ in games that require it.