PGW shows off a new Spider-Man trailer

Marvel's Spider-Man
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“Whew. Anyone else need a breather?” Yup, Spider-Man, we kind of do after that.

At the PlayStation conference during Paris Games Week on 30th October, we were treated to an incredible amount lot of new stuff including game announcements, updates and brand-spanking new trailers – one of which was an update on the Web-Slinger himself. The trailer includes a first glimpse at the man behind the mask, Peter Parker, and also introduces us to Peter’s close friend (and potential romantic interest?) Mary Jane Watson, his beloved Aunt May, and long-time nemesis, Wilson Fisk (AKA Kingpin).

Marvel's Spider-Man

During the beginning of the clip, 23-year-old Peter finds himself trying to juggle his career and personal life with the duty of being a superhero. While he’s more experienced at fighting crime (including finally taking down the Kingpin), can Peter finally find an equal balance? Or will Spider-Man’s responsibility to protect the city and its civilians take priority if Kingpin really was the “one who kept order in this city”?

It looks like, in order to understand his personal world a bit more, we will also play as Peter during parts of the game. Not only that, but Mary Jane has a significant role here too. MJ is a savvy reporter with The Daily Bugle and she’s investigating the shady activity happening in the city. Bryan Intihar, Creative Director for Insomniac Games working on Marvel’s Spider-Man, has confirmed that she won’t be just a bystander either. “So yes, players will even play as MJ for key moments.” We’re fascinated to see how this mixes up gameplay and the narrative.

Marvel's Spider-Man

However, Mary Jane isn’t the only connection between Peter and Spider-Man’s worlds. His own, dearest Aunt May is an employee of humanitarian Martin Li at his F.E.A.S.T. shelters. Peter even introduces a young Miles Morales to his aunt as a new shelter volunteer, as we can see in the trailer.

It’s again confirmed by Bryan Intihar that Peter makes the terrible discovery that May’s employer is secretly Mister Negative. *Cue shocked sound effect here*. Mister Negative and his Inner Demons’ reign of terror on New York City pose the most serious – not to mention, personal—threat that Spider-Man has faced in his eight years web-shooting and crime fighting.

Spider-Man swings onto PlayStation 4 exclusively in 2018 and, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to don the mask and spin through the city in signature Insomniac style.