Operation Spectre Rising update now live in Blacks Ops 4

Call of Duty Blackout Wetworks
Call of Duty Blackout Wetworks

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Operation Spectre Rising DLC has launched on PlayStation 4, bringing a whole new range of content to superb shooter for free.

The early highlight is the update to the Blackout map. The dam has quite literally broken in the battle royale mode, which has seen parts of the map get flooded, in what Treyarch are dubbing the ‘Wetworks’ update. We can’t wait to see how this changes the way we play Blackout.

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On top of that Spectre is also being introduced as a new specialist to the game. He made his first appearance in Black Ops 3 and, as you can probably tell by his name, is quite the stealthy customer. His weapon of choice is a Katana that will let him slice his way through the competition, as well as the ability to see through smoke on the battlefield.

There’s plenty more in this update as well. In multiplayer, new weapons are being added, as well as Prop Hunt, the fan favourite COD mode where one team hides as props in the environment while another time tries to find (and then shoot) them. In Zombies, there’s also a new Gauntlet to complete, as well as new weapons to play with.

And if you have the Black Ops Pass, you’ll be able to play on three new Multiplayer maps, Artifact, WMD, and Masquerade, as well as nabbing a new skin for Blackout, Uncle Frank.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s coming in Operation Spectre Rising, so head over to Treyarch’s blog to get the full rundown of what this latest season of content for Black Ops 4 will bring.

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