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MK11 Fatality

Fatalities are as old as the Mortal Kombat series itself, and these brutal finishing moves have only got more vivid and vicious with each new game. What started life as a simple way to embarrass your mates at the arcade has evolved into stomach-churning assortment of immaculately realised and endlessly inventive attacks.

And while Mortal Kombat 11 may not be available on store shelves just yet, it’s already clear that it offers some of the most creative carnage in Mortal Kombat history. So, let’s celebrate the return of the series with a run-down with 5 of the most bloodcurdling Fatalities we’ve seen so far.

Warning: Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities feature more blood and guts than a black pudding factory. Turn back now if you’re over 18 or faint of stomach.

Putting words in my mouth

The best Mortal Kombat Fatalities aren’t just gruesome – they reveal something fundamental about the character performing them. This Johnny Cage Fatality does exactly that, as Cage tears his opponent’s body from their legs and then uses their upper half to perform a grisly ventriloquist act. It seems that even in the midst of a brutal bout, Cage can’t resist the limelight.

No way to get ahead

Cassie Cage may be a relatively new addition to the MK roster, but she’s already rivalling her famous father in terms of brutality, showmanship, and crotch-busting prowess. In this distressing finishing move, Cassie delivers a kick to the nethers with such force that it causes her opponent’s skeleton to burst upwards out of their body like a bony jack in the box.

Orbital bombardment

A lot of Mortal Kombat Fatalities are excessive – that’s kind of the point. But even by MK standards, Cetiron’s finishing move is overkill on an almost galactic scale. First, the Elder God summons a barrage of rocks to crush her foes before dispatching them with a vicious stomp. That would probably be enough for most fighters, but Cetiron follows this up by growing to the size of a planet, glaring down from space, and firing a massive obliterating laser from her ginormous gob.

Get your head in the game

Shao Kahn is renowned for his cruelty and his combat prowess, but even by his own savage standards, this Fatality is a bit much. He starts by raining down blows on his vanquished opponent with his hammer. Once they’re knocked to the ground, he uses that hammer like a croquet mallet, bashing his foe’s head through their own torso, and sending it flying through the air in a move that’s both conceptually confusing and deeply nasty.

Pwned by a Noob

Noob Saibot possesses power over shadow and darkness. That may sound mysterious and a little bit abstract, but in this Fatality he uses those powers to horrifying effect, slicing his way into his opponent’s abdomen and pouring his own shadowy essence into the gaping wound. The next part is as difficult to explain as it is upsetting to watch, but the result is an explosion of guts, gore, and blood. Presumably, Noob wears black to save on dry-cleaning costs.

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