Every Edition of Metro Exodus Explained

metro exodus every edition explained

Metro Exodus takes you on a perilous journey across a post-apocalyptic Russia that’s swarming with monstrous mutants, deluded cultists, and bloodthirsty marauders. Travelling by armoured train, you’ll explore expansive, open levels, and discover the secrets of a world in ruin.

But which edition of the game is the right one for you? We’ve done the hard work of scavenging up all the information, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and choose how you’re going to start your irradiated adventure.

Standard Edition – £49.99

For the budget-conscious fan, the Standard Edition is the perfect pick, giving you the gripping full game at the lowest price.

Xbox players get an extra bonus when they buy this edition, as it comes with a digital code for the first game in the series, Metro 2033 Redux.

Get the Standard Edition here

Aurora Limited Edition – £67.99

If you’re after a bit of an upgrade, the Aurora Limited Edition is the bundle for you. It features everything that comes with the Standard Edition, as well as an exclusive steelbook, a bespoke metal outer case, a snazzy artbook, and the Expansion Pass for the game.

Get the Aurora Limited Edition here

Xbox One X 1TB Metro Saga Bundle – £449.99

If you’re new to the franchise and keen to catch up, this is the full package. Inside you’ll find the full trilogy of games – Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux, and Metro Exodus – and a 1TB Xbox One X console to play them all on. You’ll even get a free month of Game Pass, granting you access to over 100 games out of the box, and 14 days of Xbox Live Gold too.

Get the Xbox One X Metro Saga bundle here

Whichever edition’s right for you, grab your gas mask, switch on that Geiger counter, and prepare for an atmospheric adventure like no other.