Metal Gear Solid remade in Dreams looks just like the original

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There have been some incredible creations made by the Dreams community since the sandbox game entered early access in April, and now one talented creator is recreating Metal Gear Solid from the ground up.

Dreams player Bear Parker has been hard at work using Dreams’ suite of creative tools to reconstruct the classic 1998 action stealth game in some pretty remarkable detail. And everything he’s shown off so far looks almost exactly how we remember it, right down to the ration boxes, looming metal crates, and puddles on the floor. He’s got some experience in the creation of games, though, as he’s the global community manager for TT Games (they’re the folks who make the licensed LEGO games, like Marvel and Star Wars),

For now, there’s just the opening segment ready to see, but Bear is hoping to eventually recreate the entire game. You can take a look at the opening scene here and see how he went about creating it:

While there was a Metal Gear Solid remake for Gamecube back in 2004, this recreation pays tribute to the original and gives us a trip down memory lane, while also showcasing the amazing power of Dreams.

If you’ve not come across Dreams before, it’s a creative sandbox game which lets you create, play, and recreate pretty much whatever you want, from delicate sculptures and moving works of art right through to playable in-game instruments and complex video game levels. Or, you know, a whole game. That’s doable too.

For now, Dreams is still in early access, but that hasn’t stopped its community of creators from dreaming up countless incredible creations. What sort of game or creation would you make in Dreams?

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