10 snaps from Marvel’s Spider-Man photo mode you have to see

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Marvel’s Spider-Man came out last Friday, and spider-fans are already making the most of the open-world game’s fantastic photo mode. You can take selfies, create your own cover, and capture some spectacular vistas. As the creative community is quickly discovering, the results can be pretty spectacular.

From taking selfies in front of Marvel landmarks like the Avengers tower, to rubbing salt in the wound by posing with defeated villains, here are some of our favourite Spider-snaps we’ve seen so far.

1. Lockjaw

This is not just a statue of any old giant bulldog. @dannybenavides has actually discovered a monument to Marvel’s teleporting bulldog, Lockjaw.

2. From a great height…

The best part of being a superhero is taking selfies no-one else could possibly do, as @OkanNVLS shows in this dramatic freefall.

3. Anyone for pancakes?

You can also add stickers and emojis to selfies. @SlyFoxHound attempts to win over the bad guys with this plate of pancakes.

4. Cover creator

There’s more to the photo mode than just selfies though. Check out this fantastic frame by @SubparSamaritan that lets you create your own Spider-Man cover.

5. Feeling better

For @DrProfMcNasty, there’s nothing better than strapping on the Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War and snapping selfies in Times Square.

6. Leave ’em hanging

Filters and poses make selfies even better. These guys will be hanging around for a while, as @CraigJamesPitt gets his ideal shot.

7. Don’t forget MJ!

Spidey’s name might be on the box, but Mary Jane Watson plays a huge part in the story. We can’t help but highlight this cinematic shot of MJ in a very swanky apartment by @danteturtle.

8. Stark shot

The Avengers Tower in all its glory, as captured by @Gordan_AM. Think if you head inside they’ll give you a staff discount at the canteen?

9. Stranger Things

And here’s Doctor Strange’s Manhattan residence, the Sanctum Sanctorum, located on Bleecker Street, as snapped by @Zaalbarius.

10. Pride

There are Secret Photo Ops scattered across Manhattan to discover, with Stonewall Inn and it’s rainbow pride flags one of our favourite spots to snap. This great shot was taken by @GeneticJen

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