Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date revealed by Nintendo

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is heading to Nintendo Switch on 19 July.

Nintendo tweeted the news of when the Switch exclusive is heading to their console earlier today, with a look at new art for the game.

Among the more intriguing faces in this line-up are Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales, hinting that Spider-Verse characters will be making an appearance. We’ve also spotted Daredevil and Venom in the mix, alongside Falcon and Black Widow, so it looks like you’ll have plenty of scope for creating your ultimate Marvel team-up.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date

While plot info has been thin on the ground, we do now that this entry in the action role playing series will follow Marvel heroes as they look to find all the Infinity Stones and keep them out of Thanos’ grasp. Let’s hope this doesn’t go the way it turns in Avengers: Infinity War…

This latest entry series also offers up some new tweaks that will please fans old and new alike. For instance, there’s a new “Heroic Camera” perspective, that lets you use an over-the-shoulder camera perspective, putting you closer to the action. You’ll also have the option of playing either single-player or multiplayer with up to three other players online, using wireless local play across different Switch consoles, or with four Joy-Cons on one system.

We’re huge fans of the Ultimate Alliance series, and with this new look and expanded roster, we can’t wait to take our galaxy-saving efforts on the go.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date

Whether you’re an Avenger, Guardian, or Defender, help save the Galaxy be pre-ordering Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 today!

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