The creators of Project CARS are making a 4K games console

Mad Box announced

Project CARS 2 developers Slightly Mad Studios are aiming to create the “most powerful console ever”.

CEO Ian Bell took to Twitter to reveal ‘The Mad Box’, a machine that will support 4K gaming as well as the majority of virtual reality headsets. Bell says that The Mad Box “will be a worldwide console”, capable of playing games from any studio that decides to develop for the hardware.

He has also tweeted early concept designs for the hardware, asking Twitter users which they prefer.

Speaking to American entertainment magazine Variety, Bell elaborated that it’ll be a console like the “Xbox or PlayStation” and ship in around three years time. He also said that pricing of the Mad Box will be competitive with upcoming consoles.

With Microsoft announcing a new streaming service in the form of Project xCloud last year, shortly followed by a Sony president confirming that work on new hardware is underway, it looks like the next generation console race is really starting to heat up.

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