It’s Mario Time: Celebrate Mario Day with these offers

Happy Mario Day! March 10th (Mar10 = Mario… geddit?) has become an international day of recognition for gaming’s most famous icon.

Naturally, there’s a few celebrations you’re going to want to pay attention to today, and we’ve rounded up the big ones below. So before you boot up your favourite Mario adventure, have a look at these offers!

Mario Run Discount

Mario’s mobile debut is now half price! The hugely enjoyable platformer makes you time Mario’s jumps to navigate through colourful levels. Usually the iOS and Android mobile game is £9.99, but for this week only, it’ll be half price at £4.99. If you’ve never played it before, you can also get Luigi as an in-game gift if you buy the game within 24 hours of starting it.

Google Map Crossover

You’ll want to fire up Google Maps today, even if you’re only walking to your local corner shop. A yellow question box will pop up when you set direction in the app, and clicking it will bring up none other than Mario in his kart. When you start your travels, you’ll see Mario and his terrific ‘tache instead of the usual positional arrow. Google even teased the update with a certain slippery power-up!

Pick up a game!

Really though, is there a better way to celebrate Mario Day than by playing some Mario games? Of course not! Right now, you can save £10 on Super Mario Odyssey if you buy Nintendo eShop credit. Why not head over to GAME and discover a new adventure with the paunchy plumber?