How to win in Black Ops 4’s Blackout

Blackout Map

We can’t get enough of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. Whether we’re working as a squad and ambushing opponents in Asylum or just cowering in corners when playing solo, it’s one of the best battle royale experiences out there.

But it’s not easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult to feel the warm glow of a victory. So we’re going to give you some tips that will help you rocket up the rankings. All we ask is that you don’t use them against us.

1. Gotta go fast

Beat the crowd to the ground by diving straight down as soon as you’re out the plane, gathering speed, and then pulling up again. You’ll get a huge burst of acceleration that means you’ll be able to glide across the map quicker than the people who don’t know this skydiving strategy.

And you know what that means: You’ll get to the guns before they do.

2. Amour amore

Make armour a priority item to nab. It reduces bullet damage, meaning you can take a bit of extra damage. Keep an extra keen eye for the Level 3 armour that adds some protection against headshots as well.

Just remember that the same goes for the other soldiers your taking on, so if you the hear ping of armour when engaging with an enemy, make sure to send an extra few bullets their way.

3. Wind beneath the wings

Blackout’s map is quite a craggy area, with a lot of high points you can wingsuit off. Yep, your wingsuit can be also used throughout the match – , just dive from a height and hold jump to start soaring. Hydro Dam is a great place to practice and this technique is very handy for a speedy escape.

4. Like gold dust

See a gun with a golden glow? It’s a high-level weapon that has all the attachments already equipped, meaning your time spent rummaging around in a toilet for a scope is over, buddy.

Or, if you want to be extra sneaky, use these as a lure to trick unsuspecting players. Place the shiny golden weapon in a very visible space, find somewhere hidden, and pick off the chumps who go for it.

5. Feeling perky

Perks give you a distinct advantage in combat, and making the most of them is vital to your chances. Take the Skulker, which lets you move at sprinting speed while crouching. You can catch enemies unaware by zooming around the map like a feral hedgehog.

Or there’s Paranoia, which gives you a handy audio cue if someone starts aiming their sights at you. Need to dash across a large open space? This perk will give you a vital heads up.

6. Sixth Sense

Ready for an expanding brain moment? You can attach a sensor dart to vehicles to flush out enemies nearby! Just fire it onto what you’re driving (even the RC car), and you’ll have a bubble on your mini-map that will flash up any enemies.

7. Suits you

Fancy a change of avatar? Character missions will unlock new skins, such as Recon or Ajax, as long as you can complete some pretty demanding requirements. Whether it’s finding I Ching Coins in supply drops or lugging around 3 damaged armoured plates, these missions also add an extra dimension to Blackout rounds.

8. Not that traumatic

Trauma Kits boost your health to 200. You should use them as soon as possible. You’ve only just dropped and don’t even have a scuff on you? Use it. There’s no-one around for miles and you’ve got some bulky armour on? Use it. You think it’s “a bit much” to buff your health early in the game? Use. It.

You never know when that extra 50 HP will come in handy, plus it denies the person who kills you (sorry, but this will happen a lot) the pleasure of using it instead of you.

9. Fast Aid

Unlike Fortnite and PUBG, you can heal on the move in Blackout. So if you’ve been shot once or twice, make use of this new found mobility, and retreat while hitting that heal button. Those extra few seconds are the difference between another 88th place finish and breathing the rarified air of first place.