How to access the Fallout 76 beta

There’s less a month to go before Bethesda throws open the doors to Fallout 76’s beta. Everything kicks off for Xbox One owners on 23 October, and then a week later for PS4 and PC owners on 30 October. The beta runs right up until Fallout 76’s launch on November 14.

During this time you’ll help stress-test the post-apocalyptic online RPG. With Bethesda themselves dubbing this beta the ‘Break-It Early Test Application’, however, don’t expect everything to run smoothly. “It’s a work-in-progress version of the game,” the developers explain. “During the [beta], you will likely see a glorious array of issues; many we know about, and many we don’t. Our goal, with your help, is to identify and fix any issues that arise in preparation for the November 14 launch.”

Think of it this way: you can help make Fallout 76 better AND potentially experience some glitchy madness. Currently, Bethesda say your progress will carry over into the full game too, giving you a nice leg up before launch.

For access to Fallout 76’s beta, simply pre-order it at GAME. Once you’ve got your pre-order sorted, you’ll be able to enter your beta key on the Bethesda website and prepare for the irradiated action. See you in Virginia!