God of War: The series so far

With God of War out tomorrow, we decided it was the perfect time to take a look back at Kratos’s adventures so far.

Whether you want to prepare for his new PS4 adventure or relieve some treasured memories from the series, this primer will get you up to speed for tomorrow!

God of War

Kratos’s PS2 debut was an instant classic. Just take the opening section. Whereas most games would finish on the Hydra boss battle, God of War starts with it. The epic story tracked the Spartan Warrior’s attempt to get his revenge of Ares, delivering a slick adventure that constantly dazzled with its impressive scale.

God of War II

Despite this sequel coming out late in the PS2’s life, it proved there was plenty of life left in Sony’s iconic console. Bigger definitely means better in God of War II, as Kratos’s journey to destroy the Greek Gods picks up steam. From the opening fight against the Colossus of Rhodes to riding a darn Pegasus, this is an adventure built on jawdropping moments.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Porting the bald battler to PSP, Chains of Olympus managed to match its home console cousins in terms of satisfying scale. This prequel saw Kratos journey to the underworld in quest to find his deceased daughter. More importantly, this meant we got to experience the joy of hacking our way through mythical creatures on the morning commute.

God of War III

Kratos’s PS3 debut was everything you’d expect from the Spartan Warrior, but dialled up way past 11. The combat was slicker than a water slide covered in butter and, more importantly, Kratos was crosser than ever. By the time the credits rolled, action games had a new standard to match.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

We discover a little bit more about Kratos’s backstory in this PSP spin-off. Turns out, he had a brother who has been held prisoner and, naturally, Kratos stomps his way through Atlantis to free him. Like Chains of OIympus, it’s just as gobsmackingly impressive as the main series – no mean feat considering it’s a portable game.

God of War Ascension

This semi-prequel filled us in on Kratos’ early years as Ares’ servant, as he tries to break his blood pact with the original God of War. While the gory journey remained as fun as ever, what made Ascension so fascinating was its multiplayer. Pitting yourself against others online made for some brilliant battles.

God of War

The series comes full circle this Friday, as Kratos seems to have moved on from his Greek God-bashing ways and settled down in Norway. How will Kratos adapt to this change of scenery? There’s only one way to find out!

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