5 ways Ghost of Tsushima will bring out your inner samurai

While Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima was first shown off last year, we only got a first proper look at gameplay during E3. The trailer for this open-world historical epic shows off plenty of combat, the full beauty of Japan, and a samurai dual that unhinged our jaws.

In addition to the trailer, Sucker Punch have fleshed out some important details about their latest creation, so we’re going to being taking a look at five ways Ghost of Tsushima will bring out your inner samurai.

Historical setting

Set during the 1274 Mongol invasion of Japan, Ghost of Tsushima will take place at a pivotal moment in Japanese history and place you in control of a samurai known as Jin. On top of historical accuracy, Sucker Punch have done a ton of work on making sure the game correctly portrays the island of Tsushima, including flying out to Japan on research trips. The result is one incredibly gorgeous game that captures both the beauty of Tsushima as well as the devastation caused by the invasion.

Devastating stealth gameplay

A fair chunk of Ghost of Tsushima’s E3 trailer is dominated by stealth combat, as Jin uses his skills as a samurai to take out foes with shocking efficiency. For instance, we see Jin clamber onto the top of a temple and leap through the rooftop to slice open a Mongol warrior from above. Another moment sees him work with a partner, Masako, as they coordinate their attacks, dispatching two patrolling guards simultaneously.

The demo is a side-quest

The demo might have looked like a cinematic main mission, but it’s actually a side-quest that Jin is undertaking. Talking to the PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch Cinematics and Animation Director Billy Harper explained that the developers wanted to show off how deep side-quests will be and what players can expect from them. Clearly, a lot of attention has been poured into them, and we can’t wait to see how they compare to the big critical path missions.

Dual audio options

While an English voiceover for the main characters was heard during the demo, it’s been announced that dual audio will be available on the disc. That means players can immerse themselves completely in the game’s oriental setting by having all of the Japanese warriors speaking their native tongue. Having the ability to choose should suit every player.

Samurai duals

The highlight of the demo comes in the form of an intense one-on-one samurai duel between Jin and Masako. The katana-waving action looks incredibly stylish, with leaves billowing upwards as the pair swing their swords at each other. Harper confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that these duals are separate from other types of combat, so expect some seriously stunning Samurai showdowns when Ghost of Tsushima hits PS4.