General Grievous arrives to hunt Jedi in Star Wars Battlefront II

general grievous star wars battlefront 2

General Grievous, the quadruple-lightsaber wielding menace from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, is now in Battlefront II.

He’s the latest addition to the game, and comes alongside a time-limited Clone Wars playlists for the multiplayer mode.

While General Grievous might have met a fiery end in Revenge of the Sith, he’s an imposing foe in Battlefront II. For starters, he wields two lightsabers for normal attacks and four for special attacks.

Those special attacks include Thrust Surge, where Grievous lunges and stabs at anyone unlucky enough to be near him, as well as the Unrelenting Advance. That particularly foreboding attack sees him whirl lightsabers through the air, and kicking sparks up from the floor. So, er, good luck taking him on.

And, if you do somehow manage to get the better of him, he has one last trick up his robo-sleeves. The Claw Rush sees him scurry away, while dealing damage to anyone who he hits while scampering on his six limbs. Essentially, he’s one tough cookie, so make sure you head into Battlefront II to see how he plays.

And he’s not the only addition to the Star Wars shooter before the end of 2018. On November 28, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the planet of Geonosis from Attack of the Clones will be added to the game. It’s going to be another good Christmas for Star Wars fans.

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