5 gaming heroes who are secretly villains

gaming heroes who are evil

Everyone loves a noble hero, a valiant warrior who battles the odds to save the day. Gaming is full of them after all. But sometimes, the heroes at the centre of our games aren’t actually that heroic. In fact, they can be downright nasty.

To uncover some of the rogues pretending to be goodies, we rounded up 5 heroes who don’t live up to that title, and are actually the bad guys. Discover these rotten eggs below.

1. Nathan Drake in Uncharted

Let’s start off with a pretty obvious one. As much as we love Drake’s charm, quips, and ability to scale almost any building, he’s amassed a substantial body count for someone who’s meant to be a pretty ordinary guy.

Uncharted 4 even goes to great lengths to show us how Nate might not be as heroic as we thought. His obsession with finding Libertalia alienates everyone who loves him and (almost) destroying his relationships with Sully and Elena.

2. Pokémon Trainer in Pokémon

Another one that is really hiding in plain sight. You see, Pokémon games may start with your Pokémon trainer meeting a Professor and being asked to collect data on the monsters that roam these magical worlds, but you then proceed to capture as many possible.

The lucky ones stay in a box, while the ones you like are forced to battle, just so you can attain glory as a Poké champion.

3. Kratos in God of War

Now, we’ll be fair, and say that last year’s superb God of War dealt with how Kratos was not a hero in the slightest, and his legendary rage was a curse rather than a blessing.

Before that though, Kratos was definitely the hero of the piece, hunting for vengeance against his dad, Zeus. Does your papa being a monumental pain justify ripping someone’s head off? We’ll let you be the judge.

4. Max in Life is Strange

Okay, now this one is super spoilery, so we’re going to put an image here so we don’t ruin the ending of Life is Strange for you.

Still here? This is the last chance saloon to avoid spoilers

Okay, this is a bit of cheat, because there’s a 50% chance you chose the path where Max doesn’t let a whole town be destroyed just because she doesn’t want her friend to die. And yes, we’ll admit, that the choice between the options at the end of the game is incredibly difficult to make because of how strong and relatable the bond between Max and Chloe is.

But, if you choose the ending where you save Chloe over the town, then Max is a villain, because we can’t emphasize enough how an entire town was destroyed in the process of this.

5. ‘You’ in The Sims

You just wanted to give your Sim the perfect life. You built them a dream house, put in the cheat code that meant you could buy them all the things they could ever want. Then you made sure they got the dream job, put their career on the fast track, and propelled them to the height of their field. That was swiftly followed by romance, as you found them a partner who they would settle down and start a family with.

But you got bored. Living the perfect life wasn’t good enough. You decided to see what would happen if you took the stairs out of the huge pool, in their meticulously maintained garden, when they went for a swim. You thought a pang of guilt might stick in your stomach as their legs started to slow, the arms began the flail, and they started to sink beneath the merciless water.

You played god and became the devil, you absolute monster.