Gaming for a good cause: how to take part in GameBlast18

GameBlast 18 is starting today, a weekend full of charity events to raise money for disabled gamers. At GAME, we’re running a 24 hour stream from 12pm Saturday 24th February to 12pm Sunday 25th. We’ll be playing games, taking part in challenges, and even enduring a few forfeits.

Sounds like a lot of fun for a worthy cause, right? Well, you should get in on the action as well! If you fancy running your own GameBlast event, here’s everything you need to know.

Decide on an GameBlast18 event

While game streaming is hugely popular for GameBlast, you don’t need to head Twitch to raise money for the charity. You can raise money however you fancy, from a gaming themed pub quiz to heading into work in cosplay. Decide on what you think will work best for you and then head over to the GameBlast website to get registered.

Register a GameBlast18 Just Giving Page

Next up is creating a Just Giving page so people have a way to donate. It’s a simple process – just hit the Sign Up tab at the top of the page and follow all the steps to get set up. Then you just need to post a link to your page across the widest reaches of the internet and drum up as much support as possible.

Prepare for your event properly

Once you’re ready for donations, you need to begin preparing properly for the event. If you’re streaming, you can grab some special resources from the GameBlast website. They have specially designed Twitch stream overlays that will help viewers identify what cause you’re supporting. Plus they also have information on StreamRaiser, an app which can integrate donations into your stream.
If you’re doing an offline event, they offer posters to advertise your event, as well as donation forms people can fill in. Everything you need to get ready can be found right here.

Keep it snappy

When we spoke to SpecialEffect’s events coordinator Tom Donegan, he gave us a handy tip for GameBlasters. “A common mistake people make is to think that longer is always better, but some of the best charity streams I’ve seen have been pretty short and punchy, with fantastic, well-planned, and varied content, which brings in the viewers.”
It’s worth thinking about whether you’ll do forfeits when you reach a donation goal or change the games you’re playing across the event if you’re streaming. It helps to capture people’s attention and, hopefully, gets them to donate.

Stay Safe

If you’re doing a long stream, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Make sure you plan breaks where you can stretch your muscles, as well as having some food and drink (try not to eat while gaming, you wouldn’t want crisp grease on your controller, after all). It might be worth creating a team so you can take turns streaming in tandem and have more fun raising funds for GameBlast!

Have Fun!

No matter what you do, GameBlast 18 is all about gamers coming together to raise money for SpecialEffect’s charity efforts. It’s a great cause to game, quiz, and/or cosplay for! So enjoy the chance to do what you love and help others get the chance to as well.