GameBlast 18: What games we’ll be playing and when

GameBlast18 is in full flow and Game is going big for this year’s charity event. We’re going to be streaming for 24 hours from 12pm Saturday 24th February to 12pm Sunday 25th February, with an astonishing line-up of games.

So whether it’s some of the biggest names in multiplayer gaming, some intense VR experiences, or brilliant board games, here’s what you can expect to see this weekend.

12PM – 1PM – First Challenges
We’ll be kicking off our stream with a few challenges as we gear up for the fun ahead.

1PM – 3PM
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch brings Mario, Luigi, and co to our stream. Fingers crossed Blue Shells will be kept to a minimum.

3PM – 4PM
Rocket League Rumble keeps the engine running, with an hour of soccar action.

4PM – 5PM
We head into the candy-coloured realm of Fortnite for Battle Royale fun times.

5PM – 6PM
It’s time for some old school board gaming with Super Rhino, where we’re trying to create a building for our rhino to climb.

6PM – 7PM

Prepare for antics and confessions, with our game of Dare!

7PM – 9PM

Mario returns with mini-games galore as we get stuck into Mario Party 10.

9PM – 10PM
This VR bomb defusal game is a GameBlast favourite, thanks to how unbearably tense it can get.

10PM – 11PM
From defusing bombs to planting them, we go hands on with Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators!

11PM – 1AM
We delve into the Jackbox Party Pack, which is overflowing with fun party games to see in Sunday morning.

1AM – 2AM
Things start to get a little spooky as we dip into Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

2AM – 4AM
The horror continues as we brave board game Betrayal At House On The Hill. Nobody touch those lights!

4AM – 6AM

Our trilogy of scares comes to an end with some cathartic blasting in COD: WWII’s Nazi Zombies mode.

6AM – 7AM
With our nerves shredded, we turn to Rabbid’s UNO to help soothe them as the sun comes up on Sunday.

7AM – 8AM
We solve some paper-based puzzles with the adorable Switch game, Snipperclips!

8AM – 9AM
With coffee coursing through our veins, we keep our Switch running for some 1-2-Switch.

9AM – 11AM
We show you the work Special Effect are doing, with a demo of their unique controllers for Rocket League and Overcooked.

11AM – 12PM
Is that the time? We ring in the 24th hour of our marathon with remaining challenges for our superb streamers.