5 flipping good games for Pancake Day

It’s Pancake Day! We’ve been practicing our pancake-making skills all morning with these amazing cooking games, but we still can’t decide which toppings we like best…

1. Overcooked

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding that smooth, perfectly efficient routine with your friends in the Overcooked games… but if you’re anything like us, you spend less time achieving optimal cooking zen and more time battling your way around the kitchens with their portals, walkways, conveyor belts, and random fireballs.

All the same, Overcooked’s pancakes are a lot of fun to make, and the chopped chocolate version has given us some great ideas for recipes of our own. Who says video games can’t be educational?

2. Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked

Speaking of educational games, this is a game that actually teaches you real-life cooking skills. And if there’s one thing Wiimotes are really good at, it’s functioning as virtual cooking utensils. Who knew, right?

After all, it’s a lot more immersive when you actually get to chop veggies, stir cake mix, and flip pancakes in a virtual pan.

3. Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama’s version of the classic sweet treat is possibly the tastiest to look at, with toppings ranging from sticky maple syrup through to fresh kiwi and cream.

There are several recipes to try in the series, too. Stick with a stack of classic pancakes, or whip up adorable bear-shaped or tofu ones instead. Whichever ones you pick, they all look delicious…

4. Pancake Tower

Wait for a happy little pancake to go golden brown in the pan, then drag it down onto the plate… then add another one. And another one. They’re smiling at you and they want you to continue.

This cute mobile game from Japan is simple, but addictive. Just try not to let your pancake tower fall – your poor pancakes will get scared…

5. Pancake Panic

Pancakes are falling from the sky! Run around catching them (that sounds like what we usually do on Pancake Day anyway) and stack as many as you can on the plate before time runs out.

Incidentally, Pancake Panic was created as part of a project teaching UK primary school pupils how to code, which we think is really neat!