The GAME Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 GAME

The holidays are coming and that means you’re in present hunting mode, scouring the internet for a Christmas Gift Guide. Don’t worry, now you’ve found ours, you won’t need to pry hints out of your loved ones this year, as we’ve got the gift for every type of gamer in your life.

Looking to give them a stroll down memory lane? Check out some of the retro consoles we have. Want to pick out the perfect stocking filler that will make their eyes light on Christmas day? We’ve got you covered. After something they didn’t even know they wanted? That’s what we’re here for.

Underneath, you’ll find a list of retro consoles, collectible figures, awesome merchandise, and some of this year’s biggest games. Just simply scroll down and click on the links to learn more about the gifts you should be giving this Christmas!

Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI Construction Kit

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Funko Pop

LEGO® Fantastic Beasts™ – Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures

Limited Edition Xbox One X Goldrush Edition

PlayStation Classic

Star Wars Baubles

Spyro Totaku

Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet

Kratos And Atreus Stubbins Plush Toys